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We mfg Silver Alginates, dressing and collagen membranes for Burns . Also atelo collagen for tissue engineering contact us.


Alginate dressing for wounds
Antibacterial Good Alginate Dressing , non-adherent, non-absorbent wounddressing comprising of a strong woven dressing impregnated with Antibacterial Honey is a sterile, non-adherent wound dressing comprising of calcium alginate fibre impregnated with Antibacterial Honey. The dressing will absorb wound exudate to form a soft gel.


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Our Products

Superb R&D presenting Affordable generics with state of art Manufacturing facilities

At DCL Dencare India Private Limited the products we provide with 100% quality maintained which is certified by ISO 13485 and Our products are the most affordable generics with high performing results.


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Stringent QC & Clinical Evaluation


High Performing Formulations


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